First day back off hols and it is a bit of an odd job day. I started by disconnecting the solar panel and battery in the outhouse and redoing the circuitsto incorporate a buzz bar off a boat. Essentially it is like an elaborate choccy block but it just makes adding things in easier without having to have shed loads of wires all connected to the battery terminals. Also put in a 3 port cigarette lighter extension so that we can charge up phones & cameras plus plug in the fridge that Breezy's father bought us. Breezy got the strimmer going around the main barn before weeding the vegie patch and sowing some more rocket. Think we may be eating lettuce for a while.

We have decided to build a low false wall in the outhouse against the wall that is underground so that we don't have to be careful about leaning stuff against it to save it getting damp. The plan is to use "patch panelling" so we had a measure up to check we have enough.

Another plan is to lay another concrete floor in outbuilding 3. Currently it has no roof and, low walls and is dug into the hill. At the moment we could mix concrete and just pour it straight in rather than having to barrow it through a door. There was a certain amount of beech growth around it so we cut it all dow. This then lead to the realisation that the forest is encroaching quite fast on the meadow so we carried on creating several huge piles of stuff to burn.

Roat chicken supper!

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