Have to get sorted

We arrived back from Corsica last night at about 10pm. On route we bumped into Annie on the road who was desperately trying to keep 2 Malamut dogs apart as one was in season. We failed to find a food store to get supplies on the way which means that we will have to be creative over the evening meal.

Yesterday was a long day with a boat from Bastia at 0800hrs to Nice and then a long drive through to the barn so we did not set an alarm, hence a 9 o’clock start. I started up the strimmer to cut back the grass around the building and the pathways while Breezy gave the outhouse a good clean and unpacked some of the van using the mucktruck to ferry kit up and down the hill. Bedding was spread over the roof to air and solar panels connected to the outhouse power system. The “outhouse power system” sounds a bit grand for a battery, solar controller and an inverter? By lunch all the food had been sorted out and half the van unpacked.

Lunch consisted of a tin of salmon and some tortilla wraps with some mayonnaise.

In the afternoon we set up the washing up area, weeded some of the garden and checked emails before creating a shower area. No longer does one person “stand guard” with a towel to hold up should anyone approach on the 4×4 track to shield the showerer under the tree from view. We now have a simple 3 sided screen with a small shelf for shampoos etc erected under the tree. Simple things make such a difference to daily life.

Lastly we wired up the new fridge to the battery in the main barn. Though we have not yet attached the solar panels to the system in the main barn we thought it would be good to have it running cold for the shopping tomorrow. Needless to say we put a couple of bottles in it to check how effective it was. As an afterthought we assembled the trailer ready to collect building supplies from St Girons.

Stecca 12v fridgeShowers under the tree (behind the new screen) and a glass of cold prosecco (the fridge works) before noodles with a spicy tomato and lentil sauce. A new “to do list” for tomorrow and bed.

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