Great walk


Day off YIPPEE!!!

After a restless night with deflating lilo which needed constantly pumping up….moving back to the old ones which manage to stay up for the whole night!!!

Absoloutely gorgeous day so we headed off to Trein D’Oustou just about 20 mins away and headed off on a walk recommended by Lee who knows the area really well and is a fund of information on where to go and what to do when it comes to the outdoors. A great bit of advice.

We did have a fairly necky start in Vinnie as we followed a very narrow and steep rough road till no further and then poor Al had to reverse back down, and over the tight bridge, rather him than me. Done in style without a dint.

We trundled up an excellent 4X4 track until we got stopped by a sign which we should have ignored will know next time and started walking from there up the track which climbed on and on for yonks, we finally appeared at the top and 5 mins from the Col de le Serre du Cot to get an excellent view back down into the Salal Valley, could now quite see the barn but saw lots of other familiar areas and have a plan to do a circular loop following the whole ridge ending back in Salau.

It was so lovely to get out and have a break from the old DIY for a day.

Back home for a delicious spicy goulash, good to see the deer again just in front of  us by the river.

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