Getting the measure of your mixer

Wait for it, spent another day mixing concrete while Breezy put it in the right place and made sure it was level.

The mixer has seen some action in it's time. Nothing like Afghanistan or the Balkans but it has been used over a long period of time. Not that that is to its detriment as it still mixes ballast, cement and water together. It is just a little worn and has a tendancy to lie back a little. I discovered that if one leans it forward during the mix it's performance is greatly enhanced. Before today I never dreamt that the precise angle at which a mixer is poised makes such a difference. The element that is worn is the little foot operated gadget which holds the mixer at the crucial angleto ensure that it mixes to the back of the drum. Once discovered it amazed me how much pleasure I could get from seeing the shiny metal of the back of the drum of a mixer full of concrete.

It is almost a shame to think that we only have 2 more days of mixing and laying floors before it is over.

Celebrated by going for a drive to get more fuel for the generator and called in for a couple of beers in Seix.

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