Getting Sorted

Had a lie in still a bit jaded from our trip back from Cuba and woke at 930am, sun was shining and great to see the mountains first thing too. A leisurely breakfast under the parasol as it was really hot already before continuing on the getting sorted progress. Not quite as simple as most places to open up after a bit of time away….

Al set to sorting out the toilet which at the end of our last trip was not working properly and consequently stank, anyway without too much detail the problem is solved and working like a dream with no horrible smells, much better.

I tackled strimming the back terrace and up the the back terrace which was hot work, but gradually made good progress.

We are really pleased that we managed to plant some veggies on our one day trip here in May as we have had fresh rhubarb and broccoli from it already. Red cabbages, caulis, redcurrants and courgettes all looking OK too. So we are aiming to get some more things planted soon so we can have lots of goodies from the garden this summer.

We weeded the veggies patch and got some spinach, roquet and lettuce in plus some chives and parsley for the herb part of the garden.

All the garden furniture is now out and about on the various terraces which is fab and also means we have more space downstairs in all the chaos.

Had a lovely roast chuck, broccoli from the garden and marmite roasties for dinner perfecto.

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