Funny Evening out

Woke up to glorious sun shine again beginning to get used to this and so we decided the best plan of attack was to start on insulating the roof as it makes it a lot easier when the weather is dry, working from outside with all the cutting etc.

Firstly, Al solved the down lighter problem by hand drilling them with one of his Grandfather’s old tools worked a treat and now we have 3 lights in the mezzanine ceiling great, just need to wire them up, this will make a huge difference in the evenings.

We needed to clear things out from the area we were working in so things did not get too dusty before setting too with lining the roof with the insulation, basically layers of tinfoil with cotton wool like stuff in between but somewhat more expensive!!!

Firstly, we put some mesh in between the joists to keep the flies out and keep the ventilation working, a bit of a fiddly job but will be well worth it in the long run.

2 sheets of the ventilation stuff worked perfectly so very little wastage which was great news. Al luckily had a staple gun which made this considerably easier but it was quite hard work.

Sausage sandwiches for lunch in the sun it was not quite so hot today which meant we could sit outside in the sun rather than the shade.

Then full steam ahead in the pm. Recycling the old roof battens to use as battens for the ceiling and then started putting up the match board for the roof. I was in and out cutting the wood and Al was nailing it in. We got about 2/3rds of the ceiling done before calling it a day as we needed to get the outbuilding back to a state that we could get to bed that night without lights as we have disconnected them whilst putting up the ceiling, all should be back to normal tomorrow.

Insulation and matchboard ceiling Breezy bloggingBreezy blogging

Quick showers and we then sat outside and read our books for half an hour which was very relaxing before heading down to Alison and Peter’s for a very funny night with some excellent food. lots of giggling and we heard that La Chase is not allowed to shoot with dogs this year due to the problem with the bears in the area. This got us slightly concerned for our wander home, fret not Alison and Peter sent us off with a trumpet to scare the bear aware should he be up there!!!! Alison had a Yorkshire lass Helen over for the week end so might well see them tomorrow if they pop up and show her the waterfall etc.

Back up to the barn and strangely enough after all those bear stories I spent the first hour hearing lots of strange noises!!!! On to bears, forgot to mention that we feel the bear has been prowling, have a look at the photo of the barn door, now what does that look like to you???

Bears can't readBears can't read Bear scratch?Bear scratch?

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