Full-on Flooring Friday

Woke up the the sun streaming in through the window. A quick breakfast with Clives raspberries and off we go. Well, Breezy set to some emails, sorting out enquiries for the chalet this comming winte, while I fettled a draw to make it close properly. Then it was the floor of the main barn. Armed with pick axe, shovels, a rake, crowbar and a 5.5m length of wood we worked through until we had a good level surface at the right depth to start laying insulation.

There were a couple of rocks that would not succumb to removal so we left them in to work around. By the end of the day we had 80% of the insulation down, just leaving all the fiddly bits round the sides (which take 10 times as long to do).

In all a good day with lots of progress. Time for a drink!!!

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