Forecast is accurate

At 8am we could not see the other side of the valley. Considering it is only 600m away that is not particularly good. Heavy Drizzle too.

After the usual internet session and breakfast it was back to the top floor of the barn. I realised that there is 1 lighting circuit that I have completely forgotten to wire in. Mainly because it is one that has a pull cord switch in the middle of the room and so is not attached to any of the switches we have fitted. It is for the light above the stairs and there is still a lighting feed cable exposed so it can easily bee resolved when we get on to the higher bit of ceiling.

Needless to say, we did more insulation and plasterboarding. We even went that little bit further and started filling the joints in the boards which begs a question. In France the builders merchants sell you some white plaster filler (either premixed or powder) and a roll of paper tape about 5cm wide. The paper tape is not adhesive.

  • Is one supposed to fill the cracks in the first application and use the tape in the the second application?
  • Is one supposed to use the filler as glue for the tape in the 1st application?
  • Is one supposed to soak the tape before applying?

If I don’t hear back I shall ask the village hunters on Saturday as we have been invited to the Mechoui (whole roast lamb) for the 14th July at the Maison de Chase.

For the time being we are using glass woven tape that was left over from building the Slaughterhouse in the UK. It seems loads easier that trying to fathom out the French way.

Finished up at about half six, so set the alarm for 7am tomorrow so that we can finish earlier and have a bit more chill out time in the evening. Follow that logic?

Oh, almost forgot, Breezy is going to put up some of the salad dressing recipes we have been using recently in the “Recipes bit”. It is so simple to mix a different dressing and makes such a difference.

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