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An interesting start to the day. I was still bashing away at the internet and there was a commotion up at the main barn. Bearing in mind that there is only me and Breezy; I was busy working; it had to be Breezy and a third party.

Breezy had been organising tools ready to start work inside the barn. She had reached up for a drawer full of sandpaper in the workshop and grabbed the drawer full of rawl plugs. The third party was asleep in the drawer.

At this point the commotion started. The drawer and content was ejected from the workshop and emptied on the steps. This did not bother the third party (locally known as a Loire) which carried on sleeping. It is sort of a large nocturnal mouse with a furry tail, though not as big as that of a squirrel.

Loire are a pain as the eat through any fabrics to make nests so I plonked it in a bucket and took it to the far side of the river and chucked it in a ditch. Hopefully it will find somewhere else to live.

After a couple of hours sanding ceilings and refilling joints we set off for a walk up to the Cirque d’Anglade with a picnic lunch.

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