Floorboard frenzy

Laying of parquet flooring is the order of the day. Having started yesterday; today we got across the room and under the stairs. That is over half way. Unfortunately to continue would mean moving everything that is currently stacked in the pantry area onto the floor we have just laid in order to lay some more battens and floor boards. As we only have enough boards left to do a third of the remaining area we decided to varnish what we had already put down.

While waiting for the varnish to dry between coats we took the frame for the large patio doors outside onto the terrace (a brief window in the weather) and make sure it all worked. It is a good job we did as I thought the top of the frame was the bottom and it did take us quite a while to figure out how it all goes together.

Second coat of varnish after a light sanding and we are done for the day. Outside shower, game of Bezique and Pork Curry for supper.

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