First whole day on site

Having arrived last night in Salau and found the apartment. We went up to the Bergerie this morning with a packed lunch of ham, tomato, goat’s cheese and mango chutney sandwiches. The bread in the bread-making machine actually worked which was a bit of a surprise based on throwing something together last night in a tired stupor. We also had a flask of black sweet tea. Progress today was great.

We've Arrived...YIPPEE! 

Totally cleared out the granny flat (annex) and dug down enough to put a concrete floor in. Shifted over a ton of stone and earth. Bearing in mind that this only represents about 1/12 of the total floor space, we have a way to go, and the rest of the space is more tricky with some things that are integral to holding up what is left of the roof.

Half way through the morning three kayakers came down the stream wearing full face helmets and paddling from rock to rock (no eddies to be seen – not that they would have used them anyway).

Towards the end of the afternoon we set about the brambles, nettles and bush clearing as a break from lifting, digging and carrying. Looking forward to a bonfire before we leave. On the way home the bar at the Myrtille was open so we caught up with Danielle and Freddy for an early evening drink. One of the locals swears there is an eau de source (spring) behind the property. He was a bit vague as to where but is adamant he has seen it when foraging for champignons and that the water is of quality to die for. Plan tomorrow is to attack the main space. Helmets are a must!

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