Escapee donkeys

Woke to the sound of donkey bells, just this time they were just outside the door. It would appear that a piece of blue string with a few volts running through it is not enough to contain the beasts.

After a quick run around to rope off solar panels I made some coffee and got Breezy a diet coke before sitting down at the laptop and booting up the satellite to work on the internet preparing for the winter in the chalet in Chamonix.

Pointing was at the top of the list; sealing the 1st floor into the wall. Any excess went around the door that faces the river. Gradually we seal those little holes and gaps that the critters use the access the building.

Chicken salad for lunch and then I finished stapling fly mesh into the eaves (more critters foiled) and Breezy phoned the bank to sort out an issue over where she is taxed.

Life at the barn is so much easier with modern communications. Before we would have had to drive down to Salau and stand on the bridge to get a tenuous signal on a mobile. Make an expensive International call, and then probably be in a queue listening to the “Four Seasons” only to discover that the person you need to talk to is back in 30 minutes. Not enough time to go up and down again so you hang about and repeat the process and return to the barn some 2-4hrs later.

Now we boot up a PC & the satellite broadband; don a headset dial a number on the PC and we are there. Using a couple of different VOIP accounts and a piece of software most calls are free and others are very cheap. We do have to be careful of volume of down/upload internet wise so that we do not exceed our quota, but it is so much easier.

The rest of the afternoon we continued with the bathroom steps.

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