Emergency shop

Breezy took a trip into St Girons for 6cm nails required for the large slates. 40 mins each way just to buy nails. Should have sorted that in advance. First emergency run of the month. We did get some other stuff at the same time but the nails were the initiator. Today the scrubbing of slate starts. Having graded it into piles of similar length; each slate needs the bottom third cleaning with a wire brush. Planked (sarked) the rest of the roof in poplar, as it is naturally resistant to rot and termites. By the end of the day part of the annex was slated. Clive usually recons on an hour to slate a metre square. That’s a bit depressing as we have 140 to do Breezy and I then went down to St Girons to meet my folks for dinner and arranged a rendezvous for Saturday at the barn..

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