Easy Saturday

Both Breezy and I are knackered after 3 full on weeks. Progress has been great but tiring.

The day started with a short list of chores, only one of which we completed. We shifted some lighting about in the outhouse so that we can read in bed then discussed ideas for windows and steps and things in the main barn.

Before lunch we set off with a basket in search of mushrooms to fry up. The basket came back empty which either means we are looking in completely the wrong paces or for completely the wrong mushies.

Lunch was never the less a massive fry up with lardons, eggs, potato and mushrooms (from the supermarket).

Breezy spent the afternoon asleep and I read my book (under the moved lights).

A drink with Alison and Peter at the bar in Salau and some nibbles for sups and a game of cards.

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