Early start

An early start a bit of a shock to the system!!! Alarm went at 7am and we were out the door by 7.20am on our way  to St Girons as the ballast delivery had not arrived so we needed to go and collect it to be able to progress with the roof on the outbuilding.

I dozed on the way down and then we arrived at the gravel pit to meet the most unfriendliest man in the world and an hour later we were loaded up with over a ton of ballast in the trailer and the back of “The Beast”. A quick trip to Maccy D’s to get my website finally sorted they have retrieved the server after 3.5 weeks and all is up and working again, a huge relief and hoping it improves the old bookings.

I picked up a few bits and pieces from the supermarket and Al collected a few bits from Mr Bricolage.

We were back up the valley by 10.45am and managed to make lunch, get the washing out to dry etc before heading up to the barn. It was a glorious day so we were both quite motivated to get the walls prepared.

Al got the truck over the bridge and in true Nigel Mansell style got it right up to the outbuilding in one go, made life so much easier.

We got all the equipment out, fired up the cement mixer and got stuck in!!! Al mixing cement most of the time and me up on the walls getting rid of the cement and rocks, building up a trench for capping tomorrow if the weather holds.


Lunch in the sun, a rest for the back and then a final blast to finish off and we were done and dusted by 5pm so we were quite pleased. Did not manage to get the trailer up but have about 3 loads with the muck truck to get that up tomorrow, not too bad. Thanks Shirley and John, the muck truck is invaluable.

We headed back to the gite with aching limbs, and sat outside for a quick drinkie before cleaning up and getting shepherds pie in the oven for supper.

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