Woke to overcast day but dry so plan of attack was to attack the joints and finish half the roof. It does not get any worse I can tell you. Not much to say apart from masks on and set too. By lunchtime half the roof had had it’s first sand and second fill and 1/6th of it lucky area had had a second sand!

By then enough was enough, showers and shake the clothes and get clean.

Pizza and salad for lunch was perfecto.

As we were nice and clean we tackled another section of Ski Breezy dreaded accounts before heading down the the village.

The piste has been closed for 4 days and we were down to the last 6 litres of water for drinking so good to see the piste open for us to drive back up. We walked down and collected Vinnie, collected water caught up with some of the locals for a few drinks and then back to the barn for a spicy chorrizo hot salad surprise.

Planning an early night and then finish the final sanding for half the roof tomorrow and clearing out the outbuilding flue, messy jobs and then a forage.

We are looking forward to the week of sunshine ahead and visitors and walks.

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