Dust and Door Widening


We started with a quick job of removing a few rocks to fit a waste pipe where we are hoping to build a pantry, storeroom area.

We had been putting the next job off and I was trying to convince Al into maybe it was not necessary but to no avail.

The bathroom door upstairs had 2 small openings and whilst we were putting the roof on Al had the insight to build in a larger lintel so we could open the gap to fit a door. So this was the job.

Bring the wall down safely and then rebuild it so it will accommodate a door in the near future.

Rocks, dust, rocks and more dust…..it got everywhere, bigger rocks and more dust. I think you can see the picture.

By lunchtime the wall was down and we had found some old oak to use as a door frame, which we seem to have got vertical which is a first!!!

A quick lunch and then the mixer was a turning again and we started the job of re building the wall.

By 5pm we had the wall re built and Al had made a cracking job of it. I am pleased he convinced me to do it, it will make a huge difference and maybe now we can even get a bath through the door.

A quick pack up and down the road to Clive's to pick his rasps, feed the dog, the loire and have a very good shower!!!!

Al cooked a delicious beef stew with chive dumplings for supper. It was meant to do 2 nights, but so good not a chance it all went!!!!

An early night as were both pretty tired, maybe something to do with dust in the eyes…


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