Donkeys Back

Internet stuff for Ski Breezy first thing until the sun hits us. It was another glorious day so we set too with clearing piles of wood left about the place from previous coppicing sessions.

Our aim is to create a second wood shed with metre length pieces which can dry out and then next year we can chop them into pieces we need depending which stoves are working.

Lots of lugging wood up the hill to the top terrace and chain sawing them into pieces. The new saw horse has been invaluable. It was hot work not so much the sawing but the traipsing up and down the hill in the heat, good training for the winter ski season in Chamonix!!!

We wanted to make a start on the steps to get down into the bathroom. At the moment it is a very big step onto a small box and since Fi is arriving soon we thought it would be nice if she did not have to stretch her legs too much!!! Framework built success.

Hot showers early as we wanted to pop down and see Rene and Anuk as we feel a bit like hermits up here. Adam and Daniella were at the bar so we joined them for a drink. Anuk very busy and Rene busy in the kitchen so we did not get to see him. Olivier passed by and stopped as he was on the way to move the donkeys across, by the time we got back they were installed on one side of our land. We also had a sneak visitor of a mule who belongs to a shepherd higher up the valley.

Delicious roast chuck for sups. While that was cooking we had a few hands of rummy on the terrace. Dinner outside, cheeses inside and then a bit of reading and to sleep. Feels like Autumn is on it’s way with the cooler evenings.


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