Donkey’s Arrival

Wow, another wild wild night the wind was so violent  it did feel like the place might blow down!!! Woke up and it seemed to have calmed a bit although the effects of last night were obvious. Washing up bowl down by the river, smoker in the field, buckets everywhere. Anyway, the rain had stopped and it looked like the sun might shine too.


Had a quick look for mushies before brekky but not any luck, maybe tomorrow.

One of the "must do" before leaving was the windows. We had been putting it off until a bad weather day but decided today was a good time to get it ticked off the list.

It was just a matter of setting them in place and we only had 3 left to do.

Half way through we heard the donkeys and soon after Olivier landed. Great news as the land is in much need of grazing as the grass is so long. A mixture of horses and donkeys about 12 in total so we should soon have the grass trimmed!!! Good they have arrived before we left.

Managed to get the windows set in place before lunch. One tricky one into the bathroom without a frame to try and set in to make the last bit of the bathroom bat proof.

Half way through lunch Annie arrived to say hello and have a look at progress.

We managed to dig the small veggie plot through before the rain began and we retreated inside to make a start on packing and tidying. Time flew and we are nearly there with the sorting up in the main barn.

I braved the shower in the pouring rain before we settled down for shepherd's pie for supps and a game of scrabble.



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