Do you recognise this place?

Woke up to rain in the morning so we cracked on with a bit of internet first before the huge clean up started. Lifting the plastic off the floor, moving furniture around, wood and anything we don’t want in the near future downstairs and then sweep and sweep and sweep and mop and mop and mop!!!!

Al hard wired in the invertor so we have lights working upstairs in the main barn and they look GREAT!





So this actually resmebles somewhere we could live!

Al went off to help Clive with the start of building a website for him. I did a final tidy up for Laney’s arrival and prepped some food for dinner. I was just about to start to read some books when Henri The Mayor turned up so gave him a progress tour and he seems to like what we have done. He left just as Al was coming back so time for celebrations.

First drinks and dinner up in the main barn. Some blanquette and nibbles before chicken and a  few hands of Bezique with lights!

We had a lot of just sitting and looking at what we have done and we are really pleased with the outcome and very relieved the plasterboarding and the ceiling is now over!!!

Happy Days.

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