Diggin’ Out

Just when you thought we had finished digging, we set about building number 3.

Thankfully the last and only 3m x 3m inside but the plan is to put a concrete floor in before putting the roof on. The walls are so low (derelict) and the roof non existant that we can mix concrete and pour it over the wall. Fantastic!! It did however mean excavating what was inside and finding a new home for it all outside. That was our morning.

At one stage I actually heard Breezy say "Nice rock". I was so amazed I stepped back and hit my head on the lintel above the door. The doorway is only about 1.5m at the moment and not held in place by a lot so it was a very dangerous manoeuvre as it could of brought the whole wall down on top of me. Last year the 4 letter word begining in , ending in K with an OC in the middle was strickly tabboo.

The after noon was spent preparing for pouring concrete over the wall.

Aerial viewAerial view 

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