Day 2 of window Opening

The alarm was set for 7.30am to get all the preparation done before Cive arrived at 9.30 and have breakfast. First off was make a jug of coffee for me and a fizzy juice for Breezy. Then shifting sand, loading buckets of water, fetching scaffolding, generator out, cabling to mixer, brushing off yesterdays joints, etc etc.

Clive arrived and we are straight into mixing mortar.

Overnight a crack has appeared in the wall on the left hand side of where the rocks have come out above the window. Although no further rocks have come out, there is a possibility that more will descend without warning under gravity. This is slightly alarming for all 3 of us. We could pull down the rocks and make the hole bigger, thus more work to fill it up again. We could try and prop it with wood before working underneath but that may just loosen it more and gravity takes over. Or we could work faster to get it shored up and hope that gravity is taking a day off.

Third option it is then! Chainsaw out and two more lintels in place then a frantic walling session with Breezy and I running to keep up with Clive and finish the inside wall at the same time.

By lunch we have it shored up and over half the hole replaced with wall.

Lunchtime day 2

We can’t get any more done today as the weight of rock on top of fresh wet mortar could undo all our hard work. So Clive is off to do paperwork and Breezy and I can clear up, have a shower, lunch and chill out. I have injured my shoulder so the rest is gratefully received.

The weather is still really hot and it is blowing a hoolie, this could mean that a storn is on the cards.

Duck salad for sups and start over again tomorrow to finish the job.

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