So, another damp overcast day in the mountains. The healthy streak continues with a fruit breakfast.

Definitely indoor work for the day so we started by emptying more boxes of books, fabrics and table cloths. Then onto cutting down some roofing slats for the indoor dryer. Charlie and Becks bought us the cast iron ends for one of those dryers that hoists up into the ceiling with space for 4 bars, then kindly brought them out skiing in Chamonix with them (along with all manner of other stuff).

Once cut down to size, planed off and routered the woodwork was then given a couple of coats of floor varnish before being hoisted into place.

Indoor dryer

Lunch was courgette and mint soup.

The afternoon was spent fettling odd jobs and cutting down an aluminium picture (salvaged from a skip at the builder’s merchant) frame to fit a relief map of the Chamonix valley. A bit of planning for the ground floor layout before hot showers and internet bashing.

Supper is going to be an Asian Trout dish with whatever Breezy can find.

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