The sun hit us about 10:45 while we were still on the internet in our little cabin. I was still catching up on the blog while Breezy was sorting email enquiries for the winter at Ski Breezy. We had got up early and had a fried breakfast with a huge Parasol mushroom and eggs.

Top of the list of jobs for the day was coppicing. We had already decided that cutting the woods back about 10-15metres by the gable end of the barn would make a significant impact. Having said that we could start coppicing anywhere as there is so much and always will be so much to go at. So choosing the areas that are going to make the most difference to us is as good a criteria as any.

We did stop for lunch, Breezy had some fruit and yoghurt (normal breakfast) and I had some terrine and bread.

The afternoon started with me sealing one of the stoves while Breezy made a cheese board from the sink cut out when making the worktops for the kitchen.

Then back to coppicing. No pictures as it would be a little like spot the difference. “In the 2nd image the small trees are missing.” We do have a small mountain of ash though. That will get spread on the garden later once it has cooled down. Any wood that will make logs has been stashed in one metre lengths in the wood store to season and anything else is burnt. We work well as a team leaving everything neat and tidy as we go.

Duck salad for sups and shopping tomorrow!


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