Concrete those walls

Today is the day we cap the walls. A double ring of steel reinforcement runs around all the walls in a trough created by building up the walls on the facing sides. Clive is on the cement mixer creating concrete which is bucketed all around the walls to a depth of 10-15cm. Murray is learning French all day but Giselle is helping again. Hans and I try to keep up with Clive by getting rid of concrete as fast as he can make it. Giselle buckets it up and passes them over the walls and Breezy is spreading it out and tamping it in. By 1pm all is done and the weather is changing. We just got all the walls covered when the heavens opened. Lunch was had under a tarpaulin and we retired to the bar for a celebration at 3pm as no more could be done. In the evening we got a text from my parents to say they are flying out the next night. Fantastic!!

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