Colours a changin’ Shrooms a foragin’

A quick internet session for Ski Breezy sorting out enquiries for the chalet in Chamonix, then off for a forage with bags and walking poles. Destination was back up the track towards Mont Rouche where we found the Trompettes des Morts.Started off thinking that it would be meagre pickings but then struck lucky, then again, and again. After a couple of hours we were back at the barn with a couple of carrier bags half full of the black fungi plus a couple of Bolets which we could not identify.

Next problem was what to do with them all. The previous stash have been threaded on cotton and hung up in the outhouse where they are already about a thenth of their original size. However we have run out of thread and the thought of threading up a few hundred mushrooms does not appeal. Should one of us loose a button off a garment we will be reusing the thread from the mushrooms that are dry.

Breezy started cleaning up the booty and I set about making a drying rack from odd bits and pieces then joined her untill we had a rack completely covered in black gold.

Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty 

After lunch we went down to our favourite Birch Bay Bollet spot with a basket, seceteurs and croppers to clear some beech scrub. There are some oak saplings just starting out which we want to encourage and give a chance to come through before the beech swamps them. Came back with a basket (from my Mum) of bolets and some blackberries for breakfast.

Birch Bay BoletsBirch Bay Bolets  Ready for dryingReady for drying

Quick shower and down to the village to check messages on mobiles, call Clive and see if he
wants any help with his Nordnet kit and to identify the unknown bolets with Adam's help. Adam was in conversation with a couple from the gite. He immediately broke off to say "mauvais bolet" without us even asking him. As per normal the conversation then switched to where, when and what to look for, "Nine days after heavy rain…" Etc etc.

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