Cloudless Day

We awoke to the sun streaming into the outbuilding, hoorah.

I had a quick brekky with some cereals but no juice for Al’s cereals so he made do with coffee. We did a couple of trips up from Vinnie and then headed off with the trailer to St Girons.

Slight panic on the way, as half way down the road we heard a squealing noise coming from Vinnie, we pulled over straight away fearing a belt had gone. Luckily the guy behind us stopped and said that the mud guard on the trailer had dropped on to the tyre. We quickly got the triangle out and managed to get the mud guard completely off and the tyre was still in one piece, maybe just a little hot and sticky!!!

We collected a load of sand for the pointing and then the cement and lime from Le Forgue.

Filled up with petrol and then a huge shop and since we have a working fridge which is lovely and big and on the whole time we did not have to worry about what would last heat wise etc.

We hoped to catch up with Hans so had a quick trip around the market but missed Hans which was a shame but did pick up some colourful plants to put around the decked terrace area to give it some colour and hopefully start to make it a nice place to sit.

Back to the barn via the fountain to fill up with water and then to see Anuk and catch up as well as collect a bit of post and some valuables we had left with them.

Hot, hot, hot, lovely.

We had a delicious prawn lunch to keep us going before the afternoon list of things to do got done.

Al did a load of trips up with all the materials, while I got all the climbing kit, camping kit sorted and away from little animals who might mange it!

Main job for the afternoon was to get the solar panels exchanged around, putting the main 2 out the back for the fridge and creating a frame and setting up to the 2 new smaller panels for the front. Al sorted the wiring while I made a frame for the new panels.

It all went smoothly and before we new it panels re plumbed in as such and working BIG TICK!!!

The sun had just gone off the little veggie patch so we spent 40 minutes clearing that from weeds and giving the veggies and fruit some much needed water.

We finally had time to get the new plants in and to de nettle the terrace wall. All looking good. Over a cold diet coke we pondered where to put the steps linking the terrace before showers.

Just before we left Al set up a phone for us over the internet. I had been trying to get hold of Dad so thought I would give it a go and see if it worked, perfect better than the VOIP phone in the UK and costs peanuts too. So it was good to have a catch up with Dad.

We had a yummy fresh tuna salad for supper and then had some time to read before bed, both enjoying the books we are on. I have finally got around to reading The Sepulchre which John and Shirley gave me for Christmas and finding it very hard to put down, 400 pages into it and only half way!!!



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