After the storm overnight with lots of rain, it seemed to clear up and was mainly a dry day. We have Fi arriving tomorrow so it was time to get the place in a state where she can sleep Ok we hope.

Al set to with scrubbing the bathroom floor clear of lime at the edges and then getting rid of the dust. We pulled the plastic up off the floor which has been trying to protect it while we pointed and Al set to.

I attacked the front wall downstairs so that it is ready to point. It is a horrible dusty job and donning the not so lovely plastic clear and blue glasses is a little help to protect the eyes. By lunchtime, bathroom floor done and front wall done.

We then put the mossie net up for Fi’s bed to go under, brought back memories of sleeping in the bathroom a few years ago!!!

Had ate butties for lunch outside in the sun and the weather looked like it might change so we opted to go a foraging sooner rather than later. A load of delicious brambles and also 2 large bolets in our favourite field something nice about picking food for free.

Al mended a pair of ladders he had rescued from the skip and then we sorted out the small solar light which we got as a freebie from somewhere. We have put it in the workshop and it works on a sensor so should help us in finding things in there now.

We had been invited to pop in and see our neighbour down the road Jean Claude which we did not manage to do before going to the USA, so we popped down in the hope he was in but to no avail. We left a note and will try again another day.

Garlic mushies for starter which we had picked which were excellent on a little croute and then roast chicken. Al cooked which was great and I could write some letters.

Even had time for a film after dinner The King’s Speech, which we both really enjoyed.

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