Chilled weekend

We thought that we deserved a chilled weekend. So we did. Last week was hard physical work and I definitely need to rest my shoulder. The osteopath put it right on Friday by so fairly fierce manipulation so it is a bit tender.

Saturday started overcast and I think that we just managed to clear away breakfast when Peter arrived for coffee bearing a gift of carrots (Breezy did not say a word). Suitably impressed with the progress on the barn he left as moisture started to descend. We got a bit of weeding in before rain stopped play and we retired inside to get some internet stuff done.

In the evening we played scrabble indoors up at the main barn with a glass of wine; because we can.

Sunday was another sedate start with a cooked breakfast and a list of small chores about the place to keep us busy.

  • Mastic around the windows
  • Clear away some of the rocks and earth from the gable end
  • Expose the decking again from under tarpaulins
  • Spread out the earth fill from the wall that we dumped up the back

We also started to disguise an ugly bit of kitchen unit by cutting up wine boxes and cladding the outside. Better than white melamine!!!

I marinated a duck breast in balsamic vinegar and cooked it in the smoke (without any wood chips) for a duck salad in the evening; fantastic!

Bed after a quick game of cards as we have an early start in the morning.

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