Change in the weather

The alarm went at 7am today as shopping down the valley was on the agenda. The big surprise was that it was snowing outside. Not settling outside the door but all the trees only 100m above us had a fresh dusting of the white stuff.

Snow above the barn

Undeterred we set off after breakfast with list in hand. First stop, La Forgue for floorboards, battens, screws and some waste pipe brackets. Then Mr Brico for some glass and gardening gloves. Next Gamme Vert for lettuce plugs and garden twine. The laundrette had a machine idle so that was filled and commissioned while we walked across town with a brolly to checkout gas cookers. No luck on that score so we had a coffee while the laundry finished.

Final stop was the supermarket for food supplies. The only bonus about shopping day is that we get fresh prawns and fish for either sups or lunch. This time it is supper.

On route to the barn we caught Clive in Couflens and got invited to eat with them tomorrow. Also saw Akouk & Renne at the Auberge in Salau to get our smart clothes hung up in their wardrobe. We have a couple of weddings to go to over the summer so smart clothes came out. As we are deficient in the wardrobe department they said they would look after them for us.

After a snack lunch we set about finishing the terrace. Fortunately it was dry enough with an occasional glimpse of blue sky.

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