Breezys Birthday

Took 2 vehicles to St Girons as Chris was keen to be a tourist for the day. Breezy and I had a list of things to do and buy which took slightly longer than anticipated so we missed the market and had to scoff lunch before meeting the guys for half a days work. A productive pm for the lads…with getting a third of the first floor joists in. Clive drilling the holes in the walls and Murray and I  filling in afterwards with stones and cement making it look new!!!  Breezy’s birthday along with Gizelle and Clive’s wedding anniversary plus Martine’s birthday  (married to Johnny, secretary for the mayor) So we had been invited to a “party” partagez which is the equivalent of a “pot luck” in the UK bring something for the meal and something to eat and it is a free for all. Met loads more extremely hospitable and interesting locals who made us all feel very welcome. Chris in his newly purchased beret from the market.

A night to remember!!!!

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