Bracken and Coppicing

Since the weather was good we decided to crack on with burning the bracken and doing some coppicing. We made good headway and by lunchtime we had all the bracken burnt and quite a few areas of beech trees cleared. Hot and smokey work but we really want to make sure that we keep the meadowland we have and it does not get overrun by trees which it will unless we keep on top of it. We have a lot to do!!!

Enjoying our salad lunches with lots of lettuce and roquet from the garden and then adding all the delicious non salady things to it to make it be tasty!!! Chicken, avo and croutons was the lunchtime salad today.

We continued with more clearing after lunch and Al did half an hour with the bush whacking on the bracken whilst I caught up on work e mails. A few more hours and the bracken should be down and then we can leave it to dry if it ever stops raining and then burn it. Already a huge difference.

We managed to find a few bollets as well whilst clearing the beech so we have a few new areas to find our supply of mushies.

We trundled down to Salau to catch up with Alison and Peter who are up for 2 weeks holiday, caught up with their news before back to the barn and Al was keen to start using the pressure cooker as a means of cooking quickly and what a success in 30 mins we had a deliciousand tender beef stew with some of the bollets we had found.

Early night with the books. Al and I both not keen on our books so trying to finish them so we can get a good one on the go!!!


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