Bits and Bobs

A windy night but still very warm. Nice to be able to have brekky outside, still having lots of brambles with cereals to get us going in the morning.

I spent the morning sorting out work stuff while Al pottered around in the main barn identifying wood to finish the platform off. After a coffee break we headed up to the trees again and managed to get the other supports in place quite easily and cut off the last few pieces of metal studding. That is it in the trees this time, we are looking at getting the deck in place as soon as we get back and cracking open a bottle up in the trees might even managed dinner up there sometime we will see.


Lunch in the sun again and then had a lovely afternoon doing bits and pieces.

Firstly, we sussed out what pipes we will need to sort out the rain water catchment so we can hopefully get that sorted before we leave. Coming back to full water tanks would be great.

Then we set to with a bit of coppicing out the back and water divining….still need to find that source but we have sort of got used to living with water from the Salau source and washing up water from the tanks, mind you a tap with running water would be great.


We went a wandering for mushrooms and found a few different species so decided to take them down to Adam in town and see what he thought, one was edible the rest uum not sure!!! Apparently we need a day of rain and then 2 days later is the time to look. We caught up with Adam over an apero and then it was back to the barn for a fire outside as still warm enough to sit outside at night and chilli for supper.


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