Beton and aches & pains

After a grotty forecast for today the sky had patches of blue when we woke up. Murray had French lessons today so we were down to Breezy, Hans, Clive and myself. By the end of the day we achieved a complete roof structure and also fettled about a third of the walls up to the wall plate. By that I mean; the walls are all uneven so having taken a level of the ridge beam, all the walls need building up to meet the roof. Bearing in mind that they are not entirely straight and have been held together with earth and gravity it means collecting rocks, dismantling down to something solid and then building them up using concrete as glue. We are both sore. Hands and backs. Currently running a bath for Breezy and then a back massage using my elbows, as my hands will not do that at the moment. Tomorrow we are all going to be on the walls. Missed Murray today as he makes a good victim.

All the leaves have started turning and each day the colours get more beautiful.


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