Bastille Day

14th July, Breezy and I committed to attend the celebrations in Couflens. The Fete started at noon so we had a bit of time to potter about before hand getting emails sorted and planning for the winter and Ski Breezy. A quick shower and off down the valley. Passed loads of folk on the piste walking up, but then it is a National Holiday.

Called at the Auberge but still no ladders have arrived for us. A little recycling, chuck some stuff in the skip (makes a change) and off to the bash. A 5 course meal for 65 people on tressle tables and benches under canvas. Thunder storms threatened but held off for the 3 hours.

Bastille DayBastille Day 

Met a few more people and enjoyed the ambiance, company foood and wine. Conversation started on mushrooms; discussing types and volumes, aspect, shade and comparing previous hauls. Then the merits of foie gras before moving onto whether shell fish is fish or not? More gastronomic conversation ensued before getting on to concrete.

Who has a bigger mixer, what about getting more people, should be able to get it done in a day, have we thought about using…

In the end, having established the logistics of a 2m wide bridge and a single 65cm wide door it was agreed that little by little with two of us was not a bad way forward.

At the end of the meal we headed back to the bar in Salau with Adam, Patrick & Daniella for a couple of drinks before retiring to the barn.

The conversation of mushrooms and a surfeit of food spured us on to go for a forage but to no avail.

Don't need supper, maybe scrabble and bed.

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