Barn shut down day 1

Two full days to go before the doors are locked and we set off driving to Chamonix.

As per normal we have a comprehensive list of “things to do”. Everything from turning off the water to putting Walter (the wheelbarrow) away. There are a number of things that can’t be done until the last minute e.g. it is pointless turning the water off before the last washing up is done.

Fortunately the sun shone and progress was good. There is still little time to slack off.

Another thing on the list is to empty the fridge so lunches are great; using up all the random bits and pieces all mixed in with a salad. Sun dried tomatoes, delicious cheeses, anchovies, pate, ham, lentils, beans, and lots more.

The afternoon was spent ticking more things off the list before an omelette supper and a glass of wine.

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