Balustrade Finished

Woke up to low cloud hanging over the mountains, rain was forecast but we still have lots of indoor jobs to do.

A good few hours on the internet and several bookings for Ski Breezy early season and some more booked in for Christmas which is great news, very happy about that.

Then we set to with the longer manger balustrade, slightly trickier and had to change plans half way through as a piece of wood broke off. In hindsight a good thing as the new bit is so much stronger but frustrating at the time.

We then only had a small side to do which we have used some of Al’s old trapeze rope. We are pleased with the finished product.

Al made some courgette and bacon soup for lunch as it was pouring with rain and we were in need of something hot to eat.

Afternoon I was pooped so had a little siesta Al trundled on with building a table to go in the workshop. We then managed to get everything back inside in some form of order and lots more space. Should make life much easier.

The sun had come out again and I was in need of fresh air so we had a little forage and lots of brambles and bolettes to be had.

Showers and now got the roast chicken in the oven with garlic mushies en croute as a starter, looking forward to it. A night off the booze and an early night as Al has a meeting in Toulouse first thing tomorrow.

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