Ballast Removal

An early start for us today as we had planned to go down to St Girons for the morning.

A quick brekky before heading off. We were thinking of going via Clive’s on the way to pick his rasps but it had rained overnight and still quite damp so we decided we would hope the sun was out once we were on our way back and do it then.

A good trip to St G, paying a HUGE bill at La Forgue for the 2 deliveries we had received. Thank goodness for credit cards!!!

Lots of little bits and pieces to do. We dropped the strimmer off for a service which they can do tomorrow which is great on to collect the fridge that Dad had given us for our travels which had broken so they had replaced it for us under guarantee.

Collected a large container for water for mixing the cement and then a 10 day food shop.

Trundled back up the road and saw Henri who says we can collect a copy of our cadastre (our land parcels) on Monday which is something the sourcier has asked for.

Up to Clive’s rasps and gooseberries picked, washing done and then back up to the barn with both our van and Clives. Clive has kindly let us borrow his motor bruette whilst he is away which was in his van.

Still no ladders…..

The sun was just coming out when we got back so washing on the line in the hope it will dry and then a bite to eat before attacking the ballast pile.

We filled the water tub up and then shifted about ¼ of the ballast up to the barn which is about 3 ton…not bad labouring skills!!!

We had a visit from Pascal the photographer and his wife plus 3 dogs who we met yesterday at the party. Gave them a quick guided tour before doing a few more loads of ballast.

Hot and sweaty so I opted for the river bath while Al had a hot shower.

Feels like we are progressing well with plans for the floor and all being well it will be down before out trip to Italy in 2.5 weeks time.

Delicious supper ahead of us prawns to start and then dorade and salad and maybe even some goosegogs to finish we will see!!!

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