Arrival in the Sun

After our overnight stop just outside Limoux we headed towards the barn in glorious sunshine. We had a quick stop in St Girons for some food before heading on the final stretch to Salau. The village was quiet, the new owners into the Auberge busy gardening ready for the summer season.


Always good to get back and see that the place is still standing except for the toilet vent pipe with fan which seems to have keeled over again but this time it seems to have snapped the flu pipe so a bit more fettling there to be done in due course.

Whey hey nobody has broken in but even more re assuring is how secure the outbuilding was, so much so that we had to break in ourselves!!!

Somehow which we still cannot work out the latch for the top of the stable door had slid down so we could not actually get into the outbuilding!!! Not a chance to break the main door so in the end we dismantled the window and Al squeezed in. It was tight!!!

The outbuilding seems to have survived the winter well and was clean, dry and free of animals which was great.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking Vinnie who I am sure was relieved to get rid of the weight!!! Bit by bit we brought things up from wood that Al had rescued from the skip in Chamonix, to cupboards from Cham Share, to boxes of food left over from the winter, to wires, bikes, climbing kit etc etc etc.

The cupboard that we got off Cham Share for the outbuilding is a perfect fit and already makes a huge difference. A place to put pots and pans etc rather than on the floor as before.

With only planning to be around for a few days we were trying to get things unpacked without having to re pack too much on Monday when we head to Spain.

The place has not lost any of its beauty and the river is roaring with all the snow melt and hot sunshine in the valley, cascades looking impressive  and the peaks were as clear as anything, a great day to arrive and unpack as doing that in the rain would have been miserable.

We needed to get water from the fountain in Salau and we also wanted to say hello to Anuk and Renne who have taken over the auberge. So we filled up with water and stopped in to have a drink and say hello. They seem like a really fun couple, keen bikers and lots of ideas for the auberge. So I booked Dad in for a couple of nights for his stay in July and we will plan to eat there one night and have Dad up for dinner at the barn for the other night.

We trundled back up the track and had dinner with a glass of wine. It was actually quite chilly so we lit the stove and the place was toasty warm. We did not manage to squeeze in a mattress this time so were back to the lilos for sleeping on and will pick up a mattress on the way back from Spain.

To bed with the sound of the river and nothing else.

Breaking In!!!Breaking In!!!  FlowersFlowers A spot of gardening Needed!A spot of gardening Needed!


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