Anuk and Rene Visit the Barn

Had a slow morning as from the window we could only just see the bridge and knew the mizzle was settling in.

After brekky we were just pondering what to do when Rene and Anuk popped up to see the place which was great to see them up here and to show them around. Not the best weather to view the place but they got some idea of what we have been up to. Coffee and teas etc and they left about midday to see their new guests in.

We then had a couple of hours before lunch when we set to with the terrace to be area outside the main door. We made good progress and seem to have come up with a vsgue sort of plan for creating a pathway which will allow the muck truck access to the main barn which we will use some of the large slabs for and then a couple of raised terraces. We spent the 2 hours attacking the large compost pile and beginning to make a level for  a deck next year. If we can have it all levelled before we leave that would be fab but this also means getting a retaining wall in as well which will take a fair bit of time.

A late lunch of cheese on toast. The rain really set in so we lit the fire to keep us warm for later before starting on making the windows in the main barn.

Quick progress and by end of play we had 4 windows made. We were hoping to have mossie mesh in place too but we had run out so need to get some in St Girons on next shopping day.

Clive popped in with a quote for the pointing and a glass of wine.

Then Al and I had Judith's special chicken for supper with veg and cous cous. So glad we have the fire here makes the evenings much more enjoyable.

Hoping we either have no return visit from Mr Mouse or we catch him this time!!!!

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