Another mushroom education

Woke up to another chilly morning but blue skies again so quite happy.

I spent a while doing work stuff while Al tinkered with the generator which is still misbehaving.

As soon as the sun was out Al was back on the roof with buckets of water and fingers crossed  we think the leak has stopped, time will tell.

We had a bit of a planning session for the bathroom for next time we are back and we are hopeful we should have a functional indoor shower next time we get back without too much hassle.

Lee popped in after lunch for a bit of mushrooming and we found another couple of bolettes plus Lee showed us the Grisettes which we seem to have lots of, which are edible and the Blushers. As always plenty of the inedible varieties around which we left well alone.

As soon as the sun had gone down we were inside warming up. A good beef casserole and dumplings for supps the odd glass of wine and a game of scrabble for a change.

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