Another morning of pointing

The pointing after breakfast seems to be working. 2 mixes and then find something else to do. Again we hit the internet to sort out Ski Breezy stuff and blogging etc.

Got hungry about 1pm so Breezy knocked up a fantastic chicken sandwich for us before we started clearing the terrace of rocks and building a small wall area between the 2 terraces. Once completed we then relocated the spare rocks around the back of the main barn.

Breezy spotted a rather nasty growth on the belly of one of the donkeys which caused us some alarm. We took a couple of photos of it to send to Olivier. Seems a little crazy that we communicate with Olivier through Anouk and Rene at the Auberge in Salau so we went down the valley to do some chores and get an email address off them so that we can send any concerns we have direct.

Back at the barn after coffee with Anouk and the pointing is ready to brush off. Showers for both and a shave for me before a quick email session and a hand of cards before sups.

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