An education in mushrooms

After a stormy night, we woke up to mixed weather sunshine and showers.

We decided to tackle making a holder for the container which catches any excess liquid from the composting toilet. Al had recycled some old crates yesterday so we continued to use them up. A nice simple frame and Al attached it to the wall so it should not blow away in the wind.

In the middle of doing this we had some visitors, the runaway donkeys had got out from down the road. We decided to put the fence back up so that could not get away further.


Pascal a local who we had not met before popped in to see how the internet worked. A really nice guy and he was going to go and get in contact with Henri about the escaped donkeys, until then they are with us so locked the doors and removed the solar panel just for safety.

We made lunch and ate it in Vinnie on the way to Lee’s for an afternoon of mushroom hunting. Within 2 seconds of leaving Lee’s house we met Paul one of Lee’s neighbours who had a basket of HUGE cepes, WOW they really are about.


We were suddenly really quiet excited and off we trundled with Lee.

We had a FAB afternoon and found loads which was all very novel for us. With guidance from Lee we learnt to identify a range of bolettes including cepes, chanterelles and gypsy mushrooms. After a couple of hours we had a full basket and had to go out again.

We had another hour up above Lee’s house this time and found a few more cepes but no Trumpets de Mort. We learnt loads and thanks hugely to Lee for his handy tips and what to eat and what not to eat.



We sat outside Lee’s house with a beer in the sun and what a brilliant view he has from there with all the evening sun too.

We thought we had to eat some of the mushrooms for dinner so we had a starter of garlic mushrooms which were delicious and then roast chuck with veggies from the garden….yummy.

Before we knew it, it was 11.15pm so Al and I headed back to the barn.

Thanks again Lee for a fun afternoon and evening. Hopefully get a walk in before we go.

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