Al’s Folks Return Visit

Woke up to another glorious morning, blue skies.

I spent the first hour or so sorting out mails etc and then it was full steam ahead as Al’s folks were arriving for lunch. We prepped lunch, collected brambles for pudding and chilled the fizz. Al trundled down to collect them from the parking at the end of the road for midday.

Al’s parents had not seen the barn for 2 years so quite a lot of changes for them to look at. The sun disappeared but it was warm enough to sit outside on the little terrace and have some prawns with aioli to start with then a hot smoked duck salad for mains and brambles for pudd washed down with a bottle of fizz and rose we were all more than happy.

Shirley John and AlunShirley John and Alun  Alder smoked duck saladAlder smoked duck salad

We had a quick dash at the end as the rain arrived for about 20 minutes but luckily it was a passing shower. We had a little stroll to the Cascade before heading down the valley for the night in St Girons.

John and Shirley had kindly given us a night in the hotel for our birthday pressies which was very kind and hugely appreciated by us both.

We had an excellent night at the restaurant attached to the hotel with lots of entertainment from the group of Legion D’Honneur next to us. With lots of singing and frivolities going on. Just as finished our excellent meal we were given a glass of champers to thank us for putting up with the singing…well we actually really enjoyed it but hey ho was not going to say no to a glass of champers getting used to this.

Food was delicious, foie gras all around, I had guinea fowl and al had stuffed trout and then there was cheese and crème brulees and knock out digestifs!!!! Thank you both John and Shirley for a very memorable and fun night. I got a good nights sleep not having to worry about falling off the mezzanine!!!!

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