Aches and Pains

Calfs and Quads are a little tender this morning after the steep descent yesterday. Weather, overcast so a good day to get stuff done outside.

First off we have a monster internet session to catch up with the blog and emails and Ski Breezy stuff.

Gather a load of tools and have another go at cutting and burning for the morning. I know it is a drop in the ocean but it is starting to make a difference to the amount of useable pasture we have.

After a late lunch we started shifting slabs of rock from around the site and putting them down to creat a bit of a path for the Mucktruck in and out of the main barn. The terrace out there seems quite a big job still but at least by putting some slabs down we can make the work look smaller. Piccy to follow.

Beef curry and dahl for sups followed by a bit of cheese (if we can catch it) which needs eating as it is a little ripe.

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