A very productive day

Iain got a cup of tea in bed after a sound nights sleep (or so he said). The usual fruit and yoghurt breakfast with tea and coffee before Breezy took him back to the village to collect his car and make his way over to Provence. I stayed at the barn and cleared up.

Breezy got back having done the rubbish, recycling and filled the water containers from the fountain. Then boot up the computers for a web session before tackling any other jobs.

I am now starting to feel a sense of urgency to get through the list of things that we want to get done. We have 3 weeks left and still not done any coppicing at all.

First off, an hour of sawing and chopping firewood. Next cleaning up and painting the fire plate that Lee kindly gave us plus making a wooden frame to hold it. Not got enough good wood to finish the frame so that is as far as we can go with it before the next shop down the valley. Then breezy got the power tools out to plane and sand the Walnut plank that Ian gave us to make a lighting feature out of. I got on with a few little jobs in the meantime. The walnut looks fantastic now that Breezy has put a coat of varnish on it.

Once cleared away we filled the Mucktruck with donkey shit and dumped it on the last raised bed. Still needs digging in but should provide a few nutrients for next year.

Forage for brambles, a shower and we have duck salad for supper. Also got to make a pork curry for tomorrow before the meat goes out of date.

All in all a very productive day.

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