A Day Away

Alarm going off at 630am was a rude awakening but we were planning to get to Foix to do quite a few chores and everything closes at midday so we wanted to make sure we got everything done before then.

First port of call was to Brico Depot which Lee had suggested as a cheap DIY warehouse. Bought a new sink for the kitchen and a few more bits and pieces.

Then on to VW to collect a mirror for Vinnie which had been ordered for us. Mirror all fine but does not fit brilliantly, the mechanism inside may be broken. Anyway for the meantime a bit of tape to make sure it does not fall out and all good.

We had then arranged to go and have a look at a Colonial Godin wood buring stove second hand at a small place just outside Foix. All good so that was heaved into the van and next stop was Tarrascon.

We had decided to make a day out of it and go and have a look at a new littel town and have a bite to eat for lunch. A very pretty place with a river running through it, quaint streets and a good view from the clock tower.  Looks like there is some good climbing around too, may be quite challenging!!! We had a coffee before a meander about and then found a little restaurant for lunch. Service a bit slow but excellent food. Foie gras, steak, lamb, cheeses and ice creams.

It was then a hot drive back to St Girons no luck in finding a hair dressers open to get the wig cut but we got the laundry done and food shopping done before heading back up to the barn.

Clive stopped us on the way and needed a small amount of lime and white cement so he popped in to collect that.

We had had such an enormous lunch we knew it would be drinks and nibbles for supper.

It would have been Mum’s 70th birthday today so always good to stop and have time to reflect. We opened a bottle of fizz, sat on the top terrace with nibbles and remembered lots of very happy times. A game of cards before early to bed as we were both fairly tired.

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