First Delivery

Delivery day…will they won’t they drop the materials on the land? I was hopeful but to no avail as Monsieur Cazale was determined that end of the 4X4 track was as far as he was going. Not an ideal start but at least the sun was shining. So Plan B was to use Chris’s 4X4 to transport the materials up to the barn, fairly time consuming but it worked with each round trip taking about 50 mins. Chris was FAB with getting the full truck up the hill. We had managed to shift all of the first load except the large 7.5m pieces of wood by the end of the day which was good as another 17 tonne truck was arriving tomorrow with more materials which would also need shifting. “Muscles Murray” a very tall and strong Scottish chap who we had met before was keen for work so was happy to help us out for the roof. He and Annie have a barn just the other side of Couflens with 10 dogs, 2 horses, some goats and lots of veggies.!!! and plenty of work to do too so any time that Murray can give us is much appreciated. Al and Murray began stripping tin from the roof in the afternoon.

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