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Breezy’s Birthday — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the greetings Lee,
    Have a great time on Valier, weather is supposed to be good all weekend.
    Hope to see ya before we go. Leaving early bird on Friday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    That’s one of my favourite walks – to follow that crest from Col de la Core to Pic de Pomebrunet (a long day) still have to finish the last part to Valier but that needs a rope. Tuc de la Messe (two peaks further on from where you descended is a good ski tour from Col de la Core) and have also skied Pic de Montgarie on the otherside of the Col de Crouzette to Tuc de la Messe.

    Off to Mont Valier with Sandrine and a few peeps on Saturday/Sunday satying over at the Estagnous. Hope to see you before you go!


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