2000 litres of water storage

No wind to disturb us overnight and sunshine to bring in the new day. We started with sawing up some wood near the bridge and then dug out a load of saplings which were threatening to turn the meadow into forest. All of a sudden you start to think about the amount of work required just to maintain the land and get scared.

The day deteriorated into intermittent rain / drizzle. During wet bits I tidied up the tool store and Breezy typed up notes for the blog. We labelled up a load of tins for nails, springs, bolts etc

Finished the chilli for lunch with jacket potatoes (that cooker is great).

In the afternoon we dug compost into the veggie patch and then set about stuffing more mortar into joints in the outhouse. Ekke arrived part way through and offered to sell us a couple of 1000 litre water cubes. Great!! Ekke went to see the waterfalls as we finished off the mix and then we all went down to the village to sort out the water containers.

Another cheeky drink in the bar and then back to the barn for a Spanish omelette to finish stuff up.

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